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Kaisa Ristiluoma, harmonikka

Saari - The Island

Kaisa Ristiluoma takes the listener to a scenic Island, where the listener can quiet down, close one’s eyes and be immersed in one’s own world.


Kaisa’s love for folk music and nature can be heard in the music of The Island. Nature is also powerfully present in Antti Lindholm’s painterly soundscape. The piece is tied together by Sari Lehtimäki’s texts full of spirituality and presence that are carried by the thought of finding happiness in every moment.


”Let the bird of joy fly

Let that bird be free, without restrictions,

full of faith in itself and its life”


Duration: approx. 50 minutes


Performer: Kaisa Ristiluoma (accordion and poems)

Musical composition and arrangement: Kaisa Ristiluoma

Poet: Sari Lehtimäki

Sound design: Antti Lindholm

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