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I am Kaisa Ristiluoma, freelance musician and composer from Lapland. I live with my family in a small village near the city of Rovaniemi.


I have been lucky to be able to do the work I love in many instances and communities, for example with Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi, Rovaniemi Theatre and Oulu Theatre. In recent years, I have also collaborated with Sointi Jazz Orchestra, Lapland Military Band, Circus Taika-Aika and Oulu All Star Big Band. Besides working as musician, I also work with composing and arranging music, small acting roles and, increasingly, music production.


One of my most important projects is my solo performance Saari — The Island. It is the symbiosis of music that I have composed together with poems and soundscape. The Island was born out of my frustration with the constant need for achieving and the feel of urgency, which are easily idealized in these times. At the core of The Island is coming to a stop and finding happiness in every moment. This is an idea I try to carry with me otherwise as well.


I love theatre, films and live gigs, but for counterbalancing all that, moving in nature and having peace around me is immeasurably important. To me, music is conveying stories and feelings; at its best, therapeutic nourishment for the soul. What I do feels meaningful if I can touch a listener with my music and bring a bit of good into this world.


”To send light into the darkness of men’s heart - such is the duty of the artist.”

Robert Schumann






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